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Fan Phenomena: The Twilight Saga
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ISBN 9781783206506
Paperback 170 pages
170 x 230mm
Published November 2016
Imprint: Intellect
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Edited by Laurena Aker

When The Twilight Saga’s popularity swept the globe, the passionate dedication it elicited from fans stunned the collective consciousness. It became an unexpected, and controversial, global phenomenon. More than a decade later, Fan Phenomena: The Twilight Saga examines Twilight’s lasting impact on the world. Chapters explore how Twilight’s story and commercial success sparked evolutionary changes in literature and music, the publishing and entertainment industries, and attitudes about women’s place in society. This book also includes interviews with the people who interacted with Twilight’s cast and fans at conventions and filming locations, and experienced first-hand the explosion in its fan fiction culture. Extending far beyond its pop culture origins, fans, academics and business leaders will enjoy this study of Twilight’s enduring legacy.

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