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Aleksandr Sokurov
Russian Ark
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ISBN 9781783207039
Paperback 80 pages
170 x 230mm
Published November 2016
Imprint: Intellect
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Russian Ark (2002) drew astonished praise for its technique: shot with a Steadicam in one ninety-six minute take, following the Marquis de Custine as he wandered through the vast Winter Palace – and through three hundred year of Russian history. Providing a comprehensive synopsis, in-depth analysis and an account of the production history, Beumers offers an insight into the now-legendary work of Aleksandr Sokurov.

Part of the KinoSputnik series
'Birgit Beumers’ book is an excellent primer on the movie, contextualizing it and presenting the critical reception and scholarly analysis the motion picture has inspired. At once a production history, a film analysis and a history of the museum, the Chair of the Film Studies Department at Aberystwyth University has written a concise and thought-provoking volume. Based on interviews, research and an interpretation of the digital movie, Dr. Beumers explores the contradictions and controversies for viewers, scholars and critics responding to the film, which celebrates Russian modern history and Russian nationalism by focusing on an international collection of Western European Art, featuring mostly art collected by the strong and charismatic Empress Catherine II.' – N.A.Cordova, PopMatters

'These and future KinoSputniks will be cherished by Russian-film fans and used in courses on Russian cinema and culture. All three contribute not only to the project of writing Russian film history, but also to explorations of Russian/Soviet culture and history. In fact, whether this was intended or not, all three ultimately address the question of nationality and nation in Russian and Soviet culture: the controversial treatment of the Jews in The Commissar, the celebration of the Ukrainians in Shadows, and the place of Russia vis-à-vis the west in Russian Ark.' – Maria Belodubrovskaya, Slavic Review

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