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Art and the City
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ISBN 9781783207725
Paperback 272 pages
Published July 2017
Imprint: Intellect
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Edited by Elizabeth Grierson
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The contributors to Transformations explore the interactions between people and their urban surroundings through site-specific art and creative practices, tracing the ways in which people inhabit, imagine, and shape their cities. Drawing on the work of global artists, from Cambodia to Australia, New Zealand to the United States, this collection investigates the politics and democratisation of space through an examination of art, education, justice, and the role of the citizen in the city. The essays explore how creative practices can work in tandem with ever-changing urban technologies and ecologies to both disrupt and shape urban public spaces.

Chapter titles
Section I
Mapped City
Reading the Mapped City
William Cartwright
Carto-City Revisited: Unmapping urbaness
Maggie McCormick
Sensing Sydney: An experiment in public art of the smart eco-city
Jodi Newcombe
Section II
Contested City
Travels and Tapestries: Possibilities for creative exchange in Melbourne and Phnom Penh
Clare McCracken and Roger Nelson
Art as Enterprise
Grace McQuilten
Recipe for Homefullness
Keely Macarow
Interrogating Space: The 'Urban Laboratory'
Fiona Hillary and Geoff Hogg
Section III
Pedagogical City
Writing transparadiso: Across and beside
Jane Rendell
Raising Alterity: Working towards a just city
Elizabeth M. Grierson
Fragments, Lyotard and Earthquakes: A mosaic of memory and broken pieces
Kirsten Locke and Sarah Yates
Section IV
Temporal City
Feature 13: Suburban 'Terrain Vague'
Anthony McInneny
Beyond the Tarmac: Temporality and the roadside art of Melbourne
Ashley Perry
Walking the Post-Quake City: (Re)making the place in Ōtautahi Christchurch
Barbara Garrie
Section V
Creative City
Listening to the City
Kristen Sharp
Applying the Creative City: Curating art in urban spaces
Tammy Wong Hulbert
The Poetic City: Old songs left beneath the arches
Nicholas Lyon Gresson
'This wide-ranging collection of essays is the fruit of a symposium held at RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia, in 2014. Artists, media professionals, and specialists in public policy, law, business, science, cartography, geography, and many other fields convened to ask: How can we understand the contemporary city “through an aesthetic lens—and what possibilities exist for transformative action?” Topics range from art projects intended to revitalize city neighborhoods to artistic interventions in the justice system to artists as recorders and archivists of urban realities.' – Public Art Review

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