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Artistic Research in the Future Academy
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ISBN 9781783207909
Hardback 194 pages
230 x 170
Published September 2017
Imprint: Intellect
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The rapid growth of doctoral-level art education challenges traditional ways of thinking about academic knowledge, and yet, as Danny Butt argues in this book, the creative arts may also represent a positive blueprint for the future of the university. Synthesizing institutional history with aesthetic theory, Artistic Research in the Future Academy reconceptualizes the contemporary crisis in university education toward a valuable renewal of creative research.

Danny Butt coordinates the Master of Arts and Community Practice at the Victorian College of the Arts, University of Melbourne.


Chapter titles
Chapter 1: The Transformation of the University
Danny Butt
Chapter 2: The Art School
Danny Butt
Chapter 3: Artistic Research: Defining the Field
Danny Butt
Chapter 4: Science and Critical Suppression
Danny Butt
Chapter 5: Critique, Artistic and Aesthetic
Danny Butt
Conclusion: Exiting Artistic Research
Danny Butt
'With wonderful lucidity Danny Butt takes us into the heart of a proposed solution for a non-existent problem; the invention of the research led artistic dissertation as a discovery of knowledge. Butt not only exposes the ties that bind this problem to the entangled neo-liberal world, but also refuses to indulge in a restitution of the old regimes, or any imaginary exit from institutional frameworks. Instead, he carefully and sagely explores the third option: the capacity for art to re-set the parameters of knowledge production.' – Professor Nikos Papastergiadis, University of Melbourne

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