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Performing Exile
Foreign Bodies
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ISBN 9781783208173
Hardback 215 pages
Published October 2017
Imprint: Intellect
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Edited by Judith Rudakoff
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Bringing together a range of perspectives to examine the full impact of political, socioeconomic or psychological experiences of exile, Performing Exile presents an inclusive mix of voices from varied cultural and geographic affiliations. The collected essays in this book focus on live performances that were inspired by living in exile. Chapters blend close critical analysis and ethnography to document and interrogate performances and the contexts that inform them. In a world where exiled populations continue to grow, the role of art to document and engage with these experiences will continue to be essential, and this diverse book offers an important model for understanding the rich body of work being created today.

Chapter titles
Judith Rudakoff
A Theoretical Primer on Exile
Yana Meerzon
Theatre, Reconciliation, and the American Dream in Greater Cuba
Lillian Manzor
Three Angry Australians: A Reflexive Approach
Tania Cañas
Exilic Solo Performances: Staging Body in Movement/Logos Continuum
Yana Meerzon
Foreign Bodies in the Performance Art of Jorge Rojas: Cultural Encounters from Ritual to Satire
Elena Garciá-Martin
Lingering Cultural Memory and Hyphenated Exile
Seunghyun Hwang
Carrying My Grandmother's Drum: Dancing the Home Within
Sashar Zarif
Blood Red: Rebecca Belmore's Vigil of Exile
Tara Atluri
Yaffa Mish Yaffa (Yaffa Is No Longer Yaffa): From Diaspora to Homeland: Returning to Yaffa by Boat
Yamit Shimon
Belonging and Absence: Resisting Division
Elena Marchevska
Caryatid Unplugged: A Cabaret on Performing and Negotiating Belonging and Otherness in Exile
Evi Stamatiou
Exile Builds Performance: A Critical Analysis of Performing Satirical Images across Cultures through Media
Sanjin Muftić
Resignifying Multilingualism in Accented Canadian Theatre
Diana Manole
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