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Plays in Time
The Beekeeper's Daughter, Prophecy, Another Life and Extreme Whether
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ISBN 9781783208159
Paperback 300 pages
Published October 2017
Imprint: Intellect
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Plays in Time collects four plays set during influential events from the late twentieth century to the present: the Bosnian war and rape camps; the invasion and occupation of Iraq and Israel’s 2006 bombardment of Lebanon; 9/11 and the US torture program; and the heroism of climate scientists facing attack from well-funded climate change deniers. In each play in this anthology, nature, poetry, ritual and empathy are presented in contrast to the abuse of persons and world. Despite their serious topics, the plays are full of humour and distinctively entertaining personalities. Each play ­– written by Karen Malpede – was developed by Theatre Three Collaborative for production in New York and internationally in Italy, Australia, London, Berlin and Paris.

Chapter titles
Marvin Carlson
The Drama of the Thinking Heart
Karen Malpede
Part I
'The Beekeeper's Daughter'
On 'The Beekeeper's Daughter'
Christen Clifford
Part II
On 'Prophecy'
Najla Said
Part III
'Another Life'
What She Makes Us See
Rebecca Gordon
Part IV
'Extreme Whether'
Imagining the Present Future: Thoughts on 'Extreme Whether'
Alexander M. Schlutz
Afterword: A Feminist Theatre
Cindy Rosenthal
Part V: Production Photographs
Beatriz Tiche Schille and Ari Mintz
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