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Personal Style Blogs
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ISBN 9781783208340
Paperback 185 pages
Published October 2017
Imprint: Intellect
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From Style Rookie to Style Bubble, personal style blogs exploded onto the scene in the mid-2000s giving voice to young and stylish writers who had their own unique take on the seasonal fashion cycle and how to curate an individual style within the shifting swirl of trends. Personal Style Blogs examines the history and rise of style blogging and looks closely at the relationship between bloggers and their (often anonymous) readers as well as the response of the fashion industry to style bloggers’ amateur and often-unauthorized fashion reportage. The book charts the development of the style blogosphere and its transformation from an alternative, experimental space to one dominated by the fashion industry. Complete with examples of several famous fashion bloggers, such as Susie Lau, Rumi Neely and Tavi Gevinson, the author explores notions of individuality, aesthetics,and performance on both sides of the digital platform. Findlay asks: what can style blogging teach us about women’s writing and the performance of a private self online? And what drives style bloggers to carve a space for themselves online?

Chapter titles
Chapter 1: A Succession of Quick Leaps
Chapter 2: Blogging the Bedroom
Chapter 3: Intimacy at a Distance
Chapter 4: Performing Fashion’s Imaginary
Chapter 5: Style Bloggers and the Contested Field of Fashion
'The text is a pleasure to read and very informative, I will certainly recommend it to my students not only for the subject of style blogging but as an example of academic research that they will be able to relate and respond to. ' – Jennifer Anyan, Head of Media & Fashion Styling, Southampton Solent University

'Personal style blogging is part of a seismic change in the fashion and media landscape, and it’s the first time that I’ve seen style blogging treated as a serious academic subject [in book form]. ' – Julie Bradford, Senior Lecturer in Fashion Communication, Northumbria University

'In Personal Style Blogs, Rosie Findlay analyses the development of personal style blogs from their early beginnings and identifies them as a sub-genre of fashion blog. Findlay’s focus on blogs is firstly based on a performance studies approach and secondly identified within a feminist discourse. Thus, this book explores performances of the self through style and situates personal style blogs within the "lineage of feminine sociality"... Personal Style Blogs is an exciting read for students, professionals as well as academics interested in the fields of fashion, media, blogging, digital transformation and creative work more generally.' – David Khalat, LSE Review of Books

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