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Saudade in Brazilian Cinema
The History of an Emotion on Film
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ISBN 9781783207633
Paperback 180 pages
Published September 2017
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The Brazilian Portuguese idea of saudade is often translated as a powerful relative of nostalgia, which brings together love and grief, melancholia and a longing focused on a memory, an absence. Saudade in Brazilian Cinema looks specifically at how this emotion is imagined on the screen. Analysing more than sixty years of Brazilian cinema, Jack A. Draper III uses the idea of saudade to create an analytical framework within the field of emotion studies. Draper places insights on saudade on screen in dialogue with theoretical studies of emotion and affect as well as film theory. The result is a new way of understanding saudade and the representation of emotion in twentieth- and twenty-first-century Brazilian cinema.

Chapter titles
Introduction - Rethinking Saudade and Cinema
Jack A. Draper III
Traditional Agrarian Saudade and the Rancho Alegre and Vera Cruz Studios
Jack A. Draper III
1960s Brazilian Cinema and Narratives of Rural-Urban Migration
Jack A. Draper III
Cinematic Visions of Brazilian TV on the Road and in the Clouds
Jack A. Draper III
The Ghost of Home in Brazilian Cinema of the 1990s
Jack A. Draper III
Transnational and Postnational Emotional Vectors in Contemporary Brazilian Cinema
Jack A. Draper III
Haptic and Optical Cinematic Approaches to Childhood Memories
Jack A. Draper III
Conclusion - The Waxing and Waning of Saudade in Cinematic Skies
Jack A. Draper III
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