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One Hundred Years of Futurism
Aesthetics, Politics and Performance
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ISBN 9781783208425
Hardback 300 pages
Published January 2018
Imprint: Intellect
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Edited by John London

More than one hundred years after Futurism exploded onto the European stage with its unique brand of art and literature, there is a need to reassess the whole movement, from its Italian roots to its international ramifications. In wide-ranging essays based on fresh research, the contributors to this collection examine both the original context and the cultural legacy of Futurism. Chapters touch on topics such as Futurism and Fascism, the geopolitics of Futurism, the Futurist woman and translating Futurist texts. A large portion of the book is devoted to the practical aspects of performing Futurist theatrical ideas in the twenty-first century. 

List of Illustrations
Notes on the Contributors
Introduction: Futurism, Anti-Futurism, and the Forgotten Century
John London
Aesthetics and Politics
Chapter 1: Geographies of Futurism: Mapping the First Avant-garde
Andreas Kramer
Chapter 2: Intersecting Planes: Futurism, Fascism, and Gramsci
James Martin
Chapter 3: Translating Futurism: Moving Possibilities
John London
Chapter 4: Twenty-First-Century Women Drivers – Futurism’s Unlikely
Successors: Gender Constructions, B-Movies, and Futurism
Ricarda Vidal
Forward is Forewarned: On Practitioners’ Perspectives
John London
Chapter 5: Staging Futurism: Time, Space, Place, Pace, and the Performance
of Futurist sintesi
Gordon Ramsay
Chapter 6: Writing Futurist Drama in 2009: A Futurist Doll’s House
John London
Chapter 7: The Possibilities for Dance: Words, Images, and Sounds in Freedom
Rebecca Frecknall
Chapter 8: W−I−F + V−I−F = EF
Abi Weaver
Chapter 9: Depero and the Puzzle of Colours
Luke Allder
Chapter 10: Sound-singing Carlo Carrà
Lawrence Upton
Chapter 11: Recipe for a Futurist Dinner
Andrea Cusumano and Giuseppe Lomeo
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