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Across the Art/Life Divide
Performance, Subjectivity, and Social Practice in Contemporary Art
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ISBN 9781783208548
Paperback pages
Published February 2018
Imprint: Intellect
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Martin Patrick explores the ways in which contemporary artists across media continue to reinvent art that straddles both public and private spheres. Examining the impact of various art movements on notions of performance, authorship and identity, Across the Art/Life Divide argues that the most defining feature of contemporary art is the ongoing interest of artists in the problematic relationship between art and life. Looking at underexamined forms, such as stand-up comedy and sketch shows, alongside more traditional artistic media, Patrick situates the work of a wide range of contemporary artists to ask: To what extent are artists presenting themselves? And does the portrayal of the 'self' in art necessarily constitute authenticity? By dissecting the meta-conditions and contexts surrounding the production of art, whether aesthetic or conceptual, social or political, Across the Art/Life Divide examines how ordinary, everyday life is transformed into art.

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