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By Accident or Design
Challenges and Coincidences in My Life
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ISBN 9781783208661
Paperback 110 pages
Published April 2018
Imprint: Intellect
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In this reflective autobiography, Rosemary Sassoon, a leading expert on handwriting and typography, looks back on her long and varied career, paying special attention to her unorthodox progression through a variety of fields. She details the route that took her from design to the educational and medical aspects of handwriting problems, then on to research and a Ph.D., and finally to working in the area of legibility in type design. In telling the story of an unusual, and unusually successful life, Sassoon takes up a number of philosophical questions about what it is that comes together to form our characters, and what role chance and coincidence play in our lives.

Chapter titles
Early life and design work
Rosemary Sassoon
Changing direction
Rosemary Sassoon
The wider implications of handwriting problems
Rosemary Sassoon
A stroke, getting older and some conclusions
Rosemary Sassoon
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