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Dance, Disability and Law
InVisible Difference
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ISBN 9781783208685
Hardback 350 pages
Published May 2018
Imprint: Intellect
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This collection is the first book to focus on the intersection of dance, disability and the law. Bringing together a range of writers from different disciplines, it considers the question of how we value, validate and speak about diversity in performance practice, with a specific focus on the experience of differently-abled dance artists within the changing world of the arts in the United Kingdom. Contributors address the legal frameworks that support or inhibit the work of disabled dancers and explore factors that affect their full participation, including those related to policy, arts funding, dance criticism and audience reception.

Chapter titles
Sita Popat
Sarah Whatley, Charlotte Waelde, Shawn Harmon, Abbe Brown, Karen Wood, Kate Marsh and Mathilde Pavis
Section I: Disability, Dance and Critical Frameworks
Chapter 1: Disabled Dance: Barriers to Proper Inclusion within Our Cultural Milieu
Shawn Harmon, Charlotte Waelde and Sarah Whatley
Chapter 2: Cultural Heritage and the Unseen Community
Fiona Macmillan
Chapter 3: An Analysis of Reporting and Monitoring in Relation to the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, the Right to Participation in Cultural Life and Intellectual Property
Catherine Easton
Chapter 4: A Dance of Difference: The Tripartite Model of Disability and the Cultural Heritage of Dance
David Bolt and Heidi Mapley
Chapter 5: In a Different Light? Broadening the Bioethics Perspective through Dance
Shawn Harmon
Section II: Disability, Dance and the Demands of a New Aesthetic
Chapter 6: A Wondering (in Three Parts)
Luke Pell
Chapter 7: A New Foundation: Physical Integrity, Disabled Dance and Cultural Heritage
Abbe Brown, Shawn Harmon, Kate Marsh, Mathilde Pavis, Charlotte Waelde, Sarah Whatley and Karen Wood
Chapter 8: Disability and Dance: The Disabled Sublime or Joyful Encounters?
Janice Richardson
Chapter 9: Moving Towards a New Aesthetic: Dance and Disability
Shawn Harmon, Kate Marsh, Sarah Whatley and Karen Wood
Chapter 10: What We Can Do with Choreography, and What Choreography Can Do with Us
A conversation between Catherine Long and Nicola Conibere
Chapter 11: Dancing Identity: The Journey from Freak to Hero and Beyond
Eimir McGrath
Chapter 12: Dance Disability and Aesthetics: A Changing Discourse
Margaret Ames
Section III: Disability, Dance and Audience Engagement
Chapter 13: The (Disabled) Artist Is Present
Claire Cunningham
Chapter 14: Disability, Disabled Dance Audiences and the Dilemma of Neuroaesthetic Approaches to Perception and Interpretation
Bree Hadley
Chapter 15: Finding It When You Get There
Adam Benjamin
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