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The Making of an Artist
Desire, Courage and Commitment
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ISBN 9781783208517
Paperback 264 pages
Published May 2018
Imprint: Intellect
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What drives an artist to create? And are there common traits that successful artists possess? In The Making of an Artist, Kristin G. Congdon draws on her years of studying and teaching art at all levels – from universities to correctional settings – to identify three traits that are regularly found in successful artists: desire, courage and commitment. Congdon here presents essays exploring each of those traits, enriched by ethnographic case studies of six visual artists from diverse backgrounds and locations whose practices embody them. Marrying the work of biography, journalism, sociology and psychology, the book opens up the often mysterious process of making art, showing us how those characteristics play into it, as well as how other factors, such as trauma, madness, class and gender, affect the ways that people approach the creative process.
Powerfully insightful and fully accessible, The Making of an Artist will be an invaluable resource for practising artists, those just setting out on artistic careers, and art teachers alike.

Chapter titles
Kristin Congdon
Kristin Congdon
Flo Oy Wong
Kristin Congdon
The Highwaymen
Kristin Congdon
Kristin Congdon
Richard Brown
Kristin Congdon
Asma M Alahmad
Kristin Congdon
Kristin Congdon
Erick Wolfmeyer
Kristin Congdon
Catherine Beaudette
Kristin Congdon
Kristin Congdon
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