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Transglobal Fashion Narratives
Clothing Communication, Style Statements and Brand Storytelling
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ISBN 9781783208449
Hardback 360 pages
Published June 2018
Imprint: Intellect
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Everywhere we look, people are using fashion to communicate self and society — who they are, and where they belong. Transglobal Fashion Narratives presents an international, interdisciplinary analysis of those narratives. Moving from sweatshop to runway, page to screen, camera to blog and artist to audience, the book examines fashion as a mediated form of content in branding, as a literary and filmic device, and as a personal form of expression by industry professionals, journalists and bloggers.

Chapter titles
Introduction: Communicating Transglobal Fashion Narratives
Anne Peirson-Smith and Joseph H. Hancock II
Section 1: Clothing Communication: Fashion as Written/Image
Chapter 1: Fashioning Adaptations: Anna Karenina on Screen
Pamela Church Gibson
Chapter 2: The Desire for Change and Contrast: Fashion in Soviet Films between 1956 and 1985
Julia Hargassner
Chapter 3: The Sad Fortunes of ‘Stylish Things’: George Eliot and the Languages of Fashion
Royce Mahawatte
Chapter 4: Oscar Wilde and the Philosophy of Fashion
Colin Cavendish-Jones
Chapter 5: Lolita through the Looking Glass: Alice, the Japanese Lolita Subculture and the Lolita Complex
Kathryn A. Hardy Bernal
Chapter 6: Sewing Manuals in 1950s China: Socialist Narratives and Dress Patterns from New Democracy to Socialist Transformation
Antonia Finnane
Section 2: Style Statements: Fashioning Identity
Chapter 7: The Emperor’s New Clothes Revisited: On Critical Fashion, Magical Thinking and Fashion as Fiction
Efrat Tseëlon
Chapter 8: From Tradition to Fantasy: National Costume for Puerto Rican Miss Universe Contestants
José Blanco F. and Raúl J. Vázquez-López
Chapter 9: From Iconography to Inspiration: Australian Indigenous References in Contemporary Fashion
Jennifer Craik
Chapter 10: In Your Face: Masculine Style Stories and the Fashionable Beard
Maria Mackinney-Valentin and Trine Brun Petersen
Chapter 11: Becoming Animal, Becoming Free: Re-Reading the Animalistic in Fashion Imagery
Louise Wallenberg
Chapter 12: Fragile Fashion: The Paper Dress as Art and Visual Consumption
Viveka Kjellmer
Chapter 13: ‘O Brave New World That Hath Such Costumes in It’: An Examination of Cosplay as Fantastical Performance
Anne Peirson-Smith
Section 3: Brand Storytelling: Commodified Fashion Tales
Chapter 14: ‘Paris of the East’? Collapsing Fashion Capitals through Fashion Photography of Shanghai and Hong Kong
Jess Berry
Chapter 15: Weaving Fashion Stories in Shanghai: Heritage, Retro and Vintage Fashion in Modern Shanghai
Natascha Radclyffe-Thomas
Chapter 16: X Marks the Spot: The Phenomena of Visuality and Brandscaping as Material Culture
Demetra Kolakis
Chapter 17: Cargo Pants: The Transnational Rise of the Garment that Started a Fashion War
Joseph H. Hancock II
Chapter 18: Cool Japan: Fashion as a Vehicle of Soft Power
Tets Kimura
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