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Landscape and the Science Fiction Imaginary
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ISBN 9781783208609
Paperback 250 pages
Published March 2018
Imprint: Intellect
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There has been plenty of scholarship on science fiction over the decades, but it has left one crucial aspect of the genre all but unanalysed: the visual. Ambitious and original, Landscape and the Science Fiction Imaginary corrects that oversight, making a powerful argument for science fiction as a visual cultural discourse. Taking influential historical works of visual art as starting points, along with illustrations, movie matte paintings, documentaries, artist’s impressions and digital environments, John Timberlake focuses on the notion of science fiction as an 'imaginary topos', one that draws principally on the intersection between landscape and historical/prehistorical time. Richly illustrated, this book will appeal to scholars, students, and fans of science fiction and the remarkable visual culture that surrounds it.

Chapter titles
Land of Giants: Size and Scale, Mascroscopy and MicroScopy in the Landscapes of Science Fiction
John Timberlake
A Game in the Ruins: Landscape and Virtual Realities
John Timberlake
Blasted Heaths and Turbulent Energies: Chris Foss's Accelerated Dream of Wessex
John Timberlake
An Unforgivable Composure: The Apocalyptic Imaginary Since Yosuke Yamahata's Nagasaki
John Timberlake
'Suppositional Realism' and the Fictions of Science: THe Astronomical Landscapes of Pavel Klushantsev and Chesley Bonestell
John Timberlake
Beyond the Periphery: Desert and Darkness
John Timberlake
Conclusion: Otherwise Nothing Has Changed
John Timberlake
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