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Quantum Art and Uncertainty
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ISBN 9781783209019
Paperback 188 pages
Published October 2018
Imprint: Intellect
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At the core of both art and science we find the twin forces of probability and uncertainty. However, these two worlds have been tenuously entangled for decades. On the one hand, artists continue to ask complex questions that align with a scientific fascination with new discoveries, and on the other hand, it is increasingly apparent that creativity and subjectivity inform science’s objective processes and knowledge systems.

In order to draw parallels between art, science and culture, this publication will explore the ways that selected artworks have contributed to a form of cultural pedagogy. It follows the integration of culture and science in artists’ expressions to create meaningful experiences that expose the probabilities and uncertainties equally present in the world of science.

Between Nothingness and Eternity
Timothy Morton

The Quantum Atmospherics of Consciousness

Chapter 1: The Swerve

The Agency of the swerve
Measurement and control
The Solvay rupture
Capturing reality
The unpredictable swerve
Counterfactual definiteness of art
Swerve speed
Quantum biology

Chapter 2: The Diagram

Diagram and the new language
The line
The flexible diagram
Entanglement and space
Multiverse and parallel worlds
Probability of facts
In aid of the diagram
Photonic traces
Bergson’s diagram and quantum parallels
Bacon’s synergies

Chapter 3: Spin

Quantum spin
The creativity of the spin
Quantum consciousness
Consciousness and the swerve

Chapter 4: The Graphene Moment

The genealogy of graphite
The haptic Atomic Force Microscope
Agency and mediums
The art of graphite
Drawing out
Performative agency

Chapter 5: Cloud

The Itinerant cloud
Shifting power of perspective
Pre-cloud conscious
Repositioning the cloud
The machinic whole
Engineer’s perspective

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'This stimulating book, whose powerful three page introduction by Timothy Morton is itself almost a reason to buy it, deals with the power of fragile uncertainty, the inbetween-ness of things, as exemplified in various artworks and in the speculative thought and art of Paul Thomas... Thomas's book is an insight into art as reflection of, and stimulus to think about, our flickering lives in a flickering universe, via art. Immateriality precludes neither performativeness nor political action... It helps that this book does not only describe the interactions between what we might call quantum awareness and art, but via Thomas's words and works also points to directions in which a rather new art might wend its uncertain way.' – Brian Reffin Smith, Leonardo Reviews, December 2018

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