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Architecture and the Virtual (PB)
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ISBN 9781783209453
Paperback 176 pages
Published August 2018
Imprint: Intellect
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Architecture and the Virtual examines the work of a series of artists investigating the domain of the virtual as it applies to architectural concepts. These projects invite a unique consideration of virtual space in conjunction with contemporary conceptual art. The works examined are constructed around empty space and an absence of action and narration, and are created mainly with analogue means of representation. Because the resulting virtual spaces can only be encountered through an interaction with the spectator, they temporarily create otherwise-unmanifested spatial potentialities. Performativity is a key concept regarding the experienceable side of the virtual space, and its centrality ultimately leads to the dissolution of the art object.
This book evaluates the works for their relevance to and efficiency in producing virtual spaces, mapping thoughts on virtuality in connection with contemporary art. In addition to examining the theoretical ambitions and effects of these works, Marta Jecu’s research relies on intensive interviews with seven artists whose works manifest architectural thinking and who deal explicitly with transformable space while investigating the domain of the virtual. In their built environments, the interviewed artists suggest spaces that cannot be concretely and immediately experienced but are nevertheless real and are consequently perceived as virtual. These spaces are the result of an investigation of the problematic of the virtual experience inaugurated by the digital era but produce a vision of virtuality achieved by architectural means and manifested performatively.

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