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Digital Dynamics in Nordic Contemporary Art
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ISBN 9781783209484
Paperback 368 pages
Published January 2019
Imprint: Intellect
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Affected by technology and globalization, the Nordic region is experiencing large shifts in its sociopolitical conditions and international outlook today. Contemporary art evolves from new enquiries, as digital dynamics have impacted life worlds, conditions and motivations for making art in response to the changing Nordic context. As technology and digital culture becomes more deeply embedded in the contemporary art scene, there is a renewed need to examine the role of art in society and everyday life, and to consider how the digital effects art to evolve and tackle sociopolitical realities, locally and in the wider world.

The first section of Digital Dynamics in Nordic Contemporary Art features a collection of testimonials from 78 artists connected to Nordic art who employ concepts and tools relating to the digital in their practice. These testimonials form the basis of essays in the book’s second section, penned by leading scholars and curators of Nordic art. They investigate the digital influences on contemporary art, with particular attention paid to the national and international Nordic sociopolitical context.

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