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Patrick Duggan:

The Intellect Playtext series publishes innovative performance texts under three interrelated strands: new writing (scripts), performance writings (‘non-traditional’ forms such as choreographic scores, devised performance texts, performance documentation) and translations (writing that is new to English-speaking audiences). The Playtext series makes available performance texts that are aesthetically and stylistically innovative as well as those that explore the socio-cultural and political contexts of their making. Each volume includes the performance texts alongside contextual essays that examine the processes of development, writing and performance as well as critical essays that discuss the texts from political, social, cultural and theoretical perspectives. Intellect Playtexts are concerned also to present volumes that engage with the wider historical and performance contexts of the work through, for example, the inclusion of production photographs, design sketches, historical documents and/or typographical design. The series celebrates critical writing, adaptation, translation and devising processes and provides a forum for textual performance practices-as-research. 

From 2002–2013 the Playtext series was edited by Roberta Mock. 



Series ISSN: 1754-0933

Electronic ISSN: 1754-0941

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Title list
Brecht in L. A.
(Paperback - January 2002)
By: Rick Mitchell
Price: £21.5, $28.5
The Composition of Herman Melville
(Paperback - April 2002)
By: Rick Mitchell
Price: £20, $28.5
Alisa, Alice
(Paperback - January 2003)
By: Dragica Potocnjak
Price: £21.5, $28.5
The Wye Plays
The Back of Beyond and The Battle of the Crows

(Paperback - January 2004)
By: David Ian Rabey
Price: £20, $28.5
Tormented Minds
(Paperback - January 2003)
By: Christine Roberts
Price: £20, $28.5
The Morality of Mrs. Dulska
A Play by Gabriela Zapolska

(Paperback - November 2007)
Edited By: Teresa Murjas
Price: £20, $28.5
Point Blank
Nothing to Declare; Operation Wonderland; Roses and Morphine

(Paperback - September 2007)
Edited By: Liz Tomlin
Price: £20, $28.5
The Contracting Sea; The Hanging Judge; Bite or Suck

(Paperback - March 2008)
By: David Ian Rabey
Price: £20, $28.5
Russia, Freaks and Foreigners
Three Performance Texts

(Paperback - August 2008)
By: James MacDonald
Price: £20, $28.5
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