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The World Film Locations series explores and reveals the relationship between the city and cinema by using a predominantly visual approach perfectly suited to the medium of film. The city continues to play a central role in a multitude of films, helping us to frame our understanding of place and of the world around us. Whether as elaborate directorial love letters or as time specific cultural settings, the city acts as a vital character in helping to tell a story.

These are the issues that have prompted the World Film Locations book series and which we are excited to explore further, looking at questions such as: How is cinema helping to shape our view of the city? / What is the role of the city in film? / How can we engage with and better understand different cultures through the medium of film?

Alongside brief texts about carefully chosen film scenes and insightful essays about themes, directors and key historical periods relating to each individual city, each book is illustrated throughout with evocative movie stills, city maps and location photographs.

Series ISSN:  2045-9009 / Online ISSN:  2045-9017

Praise for World Film Locations: New York: 'An elegant tribute to the films and locations that have given New York its private real estate in our minds. The contributors are so immediately readable and movie-savvy.' – Roger Ebert

Praise for World Film Locations: Paris: 'A superbly edited collection explores the most important movie city in the world' – David Sterritt

Praise for World Film Locations: London: 'A superb book, indispensable for any cinephile interested in London's psychogeography. I could pore over it for hours.' – Peter Bradshaw

Praise for World Film Locations: Vienna: 'Meticulous, knowledgeable and beautiful – these are rarely found together. I am grateful for this exceptional book about film and about Vienna.It entices one to further investigations of this complex city.' – Götz Spielmann, Oscar-nominated Austrian director of Antares and Revanche

Praise for World Film Locations: Rome: 'For lovers of The Eternal City and the movies, this brilliantly researched book provides fresh insight into the wealth of talent that continues to draw from and contribute to La Dolce Vita of Rome. Tourist or cinephile, grab your camera, follow the maps, walk in the steps of the masters and create your own portait of the greates film set in the world. 

Having felt privileged to both film and life in the eternal city, I will be pressing this brilliant guide into the hands of friends at the start of their Roman Holiday to inspire them to discover The Great Beauty that is Mamma Roma' - Caroline Goodall, Actress (Emilie Schindler, Schindler's List)


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Title list
World Film Locations: Singapore
(Paperback - September 2014)
Edited By: Lorenzo Codelli
Price: £21.50, $28.50
World Film Locations: Athens
(Paperback - September 2014)
Edited By: Eirini SifakiAfroditi NikolaidouAnna Poupou
Price: £21.50, $28.50
World Film Locations: Florence
(Paperback - September 2014)
Edited By: Alberto Zambenedetti
Price: £21.50, $28.50
World Film Locations: Beijing
(Paperback - September 2012)
Edited By: John Berra
Price: £21.50, $28.50
World Film Locations: Washington D. C.
(Paperback - April 2015)
Edited By: Katherine Larsen
Price: £21.50, $28.50
World Film Locations: Malta
(Paperback - December 2015)
Edited By: Jean Pierre BorgCharlie Cauchi
Price: £21.50, $28.50
World Film Locations: Cleveland
(Paperback - September 2016)
Edited By: Alberto Zambenedetti
Price: £20, $28.50
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