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The Intellect China Library is a series of new English translations of books by Chinese scholars that have not previously been available in English language academia. Covering the subjects in film studies, visual arts, performing arts, media and cultural studies, the series aims to foster intellectual debate and to promote closer cross-cultural intellectual exchanges by introducing important works of Chinese scholarship to our readers.

Queries and book proposals may be sent to the series editor Hiu M. Chan via

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Series ISSN:  2059-1985

Online ISSN:  2059-1993

ICL’s Partners:

Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences

Beijing Film Academy

Contemporary Cinema (China Film Archive)

UK-China Media and Cultural Studies Association

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Title list
Beijing Film Academy Yearbook

(Hardback - March 2016)
Edited By: Journal of the Beijing Film Academy
Price: £85.50, $114
Beijing Film Academy Yearbook 2016
(Paperback - August 2017)
Edited By: Journal of the Beijing Film Academy
Price: £127.50, $170
Film Studies China
Selected Writings from Contemporary CInema

(Hardback - February 2018)
Edited By: Contemporary Cinema
Price: £127.50, $170
World Cinema Directory