Jo Labanyi

Jo Labanyi is Professor in the Department of Spanish and Portuguese at New York University. She was co-editor of Spanish Cultural Studies: An Introduction (Oxford University Press) and founding editor of the Journal of Spanish Cultural Studies. Her most recent books are Gender and Modernization in the Spanish Realist Novel (Oxford University Press, 2002) and the edited volume Constructing Identity in Contemporary Spain (Oxford University Press, 2002). She is director of the AHRB funded collaborative project ‘An Oral History of Cinema-Going in 1940s and 1950s Spain’ (1999-2004) and the British Academy follow-up ‘Film Magazines, Fashion and Photography in 1940s and 1950s Spain’ (2004-07). She is writing a book on Spanish cinema of the 1940s.

Keywords:  mediation, oral history, early Francoism, audience, reception, film

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