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M. Ferguson, Jane
Contributor, Asian Cinema
M. Minguet Batllori, Joan
Contributor, Catalan Journal of Communication & Cultural Studies
Ma, Fenfen
Contributor, Art, Design & Communication in Higher Education
Ma, Wenjuan
Contributor, International Journal of Digital Television (new title: Journal of Digital Media & Policy)
Ma, Sheng-mei
Contributor, Asian Cinema
Ma, Lama Majaj
Contributor, Journal of Applied Arts & Health
Maalsen, Sophia
Contributor, Journal of Design, Business & Society
Maani, Kambiz
Contributor, Baha'i Studies Review
Maasdorp, Liani
Contributor, Journal of African Cinemas
Maat, Mercedes Ballbe Ter
Contributor, Journal of Applied Arts & Health
Mabb, David
Contributor, Journal of Contemporary Painting
Mabilon-Bonfils, Béatrice
Contributor, Citizenship Teaching & Learning
Mabweazara, Hayes Mawindi
Contributor, Journal of African Media Studies
Macarow, Keely
Contributor, Journal of Applied Arts & Health
Macarthur, David
Contributor, The Australasian Journal of Popular Culture
Macaulay, Kirsty
Contributor, Radio Journal: International Studies in Broadcast and Audio Media
Macbeth, Penny
Contributor, Craft Research
MacCallum, John
Contributor, Journal of Dance & Somatic Practices
MacCallum-Stewart, Esther
Contributor, Journal of Gaming & Virtual Worlds
MacDonald, Kristie
Contributor, Journal of Curatorial Studies
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18th December 2018
PUBLIC has been accepted for inclusion in the Danish Bibliometric Indicator
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18th December 2018
What's Next? Eco Materialism & Contemporary Art
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17th December 2018
Empedocles: European Journal for the Philosophy of Communication 9.2
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