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S, Jacqueline
Contributor, International Journal of Contemporary Iraqi Studies (new title: Journal of Contemporary Iraq & the Arab World)
Saad, Mohammed
Contributor, International Journal of Technology Management and Sustainable Development
Saarenmaa, Laura
Contributor, Journal of Scandinavian Cinema
Saavedra, Javier
Contributor, Journal of Applied Arts & Health
Saber, Dima
Contributor, Journal of Arab & Muslim Media Research
Sabey, Paul
Contributor, Studies in Musical Theatre
Sabin, Lucy
Contributor, Film Matters
Contributor, Punk & Post-Punk
Sabine, Mark
Contributor, Journal of African Cinemas
Sabol, F. Robert
Contributor, Visual Inquiry: Learning & Teaching Art
Sabroe, Iben Albinus
Contributor, Journal of Screenwriting
Sabry, Tarik
Contributor, Interactions: Studies in Communication & Culture
Saccardi, Nadia
Contributor, Critical Studies in Men's Fashion
Contributor, Studies in Costume & Performance
Sacco, Vittoria
Contributor, Journal of Applied Journalism & Media Studies
Sachs, Aaron Dickinson
Contributor, Explorations in Media Ecology
Sachsenmaier, Stefanie
Contributor, Choreographic Practices
Contributor, Journal of Dance & Somatic Practices
Sacks, Jared
Contributor, Journal of African Media Studies
Sadar, John Stanislav
Contributor, Craft Research
Sadar, Pina
Contributor, Journal of Arab & Muslim Media Research
Sadaraka, Lisa
Contributor, Hospitality & Society
Latest news
25th September 2018
International Society For Metal Music Studies: 4th ISMMS biennial international Conference
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25th September 2018
Book 2.0 8.1 & 2 is available now!
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24th September 2018
Journal of Fandom Studies 6.2 is now available
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