ISSN: 1477965X
First published in 2003
3 issues per volume
Volume 10 Issue 1
Cover Date: May 2012
Apophenoetics: Virtual pattern recognition, the origins of creativity and augmenting the evolution of self
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Authors:  Max Kazemzadeh 
DOI: 10.1386/tear.10.1.115_1

apophenia,patternicity,synchronicity,apophenoetics,noetics,perception,sight,consciousness,artificial intelligence,creativity

Significance appears as an alignment of stimuli, from a sea of randomly and methodically inputted or stored content into what we might call patterns in the mind. What Klaus Conrad refers to as apophenia, Micheal Shermer as patternicity and Jung as synchronicity, significance serves as synaptic moments recognizing formal elements of a thought, in many cases as individualized personal and possibly ethnocentric experience packets in the mind that have some significance to us. Finding significance in something, or associative significance between things, can lead to some interesting and poetic creative forms of expression, for authors such as August Strindberg or Peter Watts. New ideas form in the mind from some origin. Apophenia, patternicity and synchronicity pose some interesting models for how the mind might process information not originating through the senses alone. Integrating the terms apophenia and ‘noetics’, this article will seek to define apophenoetics as the process and study of the way that patterns form and are processed and decoded in the mind from the sea of random content, virtual imagery and history (past/present/future), without the immediate influence of external stimuli, and could serve as a model for creativity, spiritual transcendence and connecting emotionally with others.
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