ISSN: 1477965X
First published in 2003
3 issues per volume
Volume 9 Issue 2-3
Cover Date: May 2012
Consciousness Reframed 13: TECHNOETIC TELOS – Art, Myth and Media, Part one: Scaling Up the Telos
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Authors:  Nicholas Tresilian 
DOI: 10.1386/tear.9.2-3.105_1

microcosmic,macrocosmic,Claude Shannon,Ilya Prigogine,entropy,information

The Consciousness Reframed proposition is exciting because it is both interdisciplinary and offers the possibility of a macrocosmic perspective on the world – a view of the world as simultaneously a whole in itself, the sum of its parts, and as part of a wider whole – or as Koestler put it, ‘After a period of some 500 years when the western eye has been focussed primarily on the microcosmic, scaling up from the micro to the macro does not at first come easily’. Global civilization has too often been misled by grand narratives – never more so than in the twentieth century, when grand narratives of race and class slugged it out bringing death to millions. On the other hand the planetary ‘big picture’ nowadays forces itself upon us through global information networks that all of us simultaneously share in a time-compact world. As such we are creatures of the macrocosmos, whether we care to acknowledge it or not. The Planetary Collegium, this article suggests, is a beach-head on the shores of a macrocosmos awaiting both discovery and re-discovery.
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