ISSN: 1477965X
First published in 2003
3 issues per volume
Volume 9 Issue 2-3
Cover Date: May 2012
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Authors:  Keti Haliori 
DOI: 10.1386/tear.9.2-3.135_1


I am a Homo sapiens, female. I have consciousness and awareness. I am aware of my position on the universal map, the galaxy, the solar system. I am a new media artist. My works deal with the meaning of life, evolution, the divine, religion, information, ego, soul, spirit and consciousness. As I am not a scientist but an artist, I will exercise the right given to me by art and present some surrealistic, speculative assumptions. They are theories about information, the universe and consciousness. There is also a story with the characteristics of a scientific theory and the imagination, the unexpected and the transcendence of a fairy tale.
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