ISSN: 1477965X
First published in 2003
3 issues per volume
Volume 9 Issue 2-3
Cover Date: May 2012
Liminal mind, creative consciousness: From the artists’ vantage point
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Authors:  Pam Payne 
DOI: 10.1386/tear.9.2-3.189_1

liminal,consciousness,altered state,creativity,surrealist,automatic pilot,improvisation,technoetics

It has been said that our ability to identify and describe consciousness is like that of a fish describing water. Since a fish has always been immersed in water it cannot provide an accurate description. It stands to reason then that those who have experienced alternative states of consciousness have unique insight into the nature of consciousness. The historic use of imagery, music, poetry and other creative forms to describe as well as communicate not only emotion, not only intellectual data, but also states of consciousness – states of ‘being’ is well documented. Celtic poetry, Greek mythology, African ritual rhythms and contemporary creative works can be viewed as notational systems that encapsulate states of consciousness and could be investigated as such. As our creative instruments become more sophisticated our ability to express states of consciousness does as well and as a natural extension of this creative process, the artists’ exploration of consciousness equally intensifies and expands. As the Surrealists explored sub-consciousness, what areas of consciousness does contemporary creativity explore?
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