ISSN: 1476413X
First published in 2002
3 issues per volume
Volume 11 Issue 1
Cover Date: June 2012
Generators of sociological production in Portugal: An empirically illustrated interpretation
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Authors:  Fernando Luís Machado 
DOI: 10.1386/pjss.11.1.15_1

sociology of sociology,sociology in Portugal,socio-cultural generator,politico-social generator,patterns of citation

After a half century of history, sociological investigation in Portugal has entered a phase of advanced institutionalisation that is complete and with all the characteristics of an increasingly internationalised scientific field. The generators of sociological production – 'socio-cultural generator' and 'socio-political generator' – which consist of specific combinations of protagonists, themes and styles of sociology – have contributed to this process of institutionalisation that has been consolidated during the past two decades. These two generators are not responsible for all sociological output in Portugal, but they are responsible for the greater and more influential part. This article, then, provides a characterisation and comparative analysis of these generators, including the reciprocal citation patterns employed by their researchers.
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