ISSN: 17435234
First published in 2005
3 issues per volume
Volume 8 Issue 3
Cover Date: October 2012
The Billboard Poetry Project
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Authors:  Daniel T. Barney And  Ashley Mae Christensen Hoiland 
DOI: 10.1386/eta.8.3.337_7

community art,art education,poetry,public art,subversive billboards

The Billboard Poetry Project is an artistic investigation that asks, What if billboards encouraged creative discourse and interaction within a community rather than solely functioning as invasive advertisements for commercial purposes? An artist/researcher/educator and an artist/poet sought to challenge the commercial imagery found on the streets of their local community by repurposing three consecutive billboards to share the work of a local poet who uses fragments constructed by other poets. The project also invited local artists and writers to hold free workshops throughout the area, after which the entire population was welcomed to join in a public event where anyone could exhibit artwork, eat food and listen to original poetry read by their neighbours in a community park.
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