ISSN: 13180509
First published in 2013
3 issues per volume
Volume 30 Issue 172-174
Cover Date: July 2015
Life documentation
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Authors:  Domenico Quaranta 
DOI: 10.1386/maska.30.172-174.68_1

Art documentation,life documentation,biopolitics,readymade,subversive affirmation,ambiguous artefact

In the summer of 2007, three artists from Slovenia legally changed their names to “Janez Janša”. This life event introduced a break in their artistic practice, which evolved into one of the most radical explorations of life in the age of biopolitics. This essay discusses their recent work, a continuum that is sometimes produced by companies and institutions as a reaction to their life, sometimes by isolating and documenting specific moments in their life. ID cards, passports, and bank cards become the means of a research that undermines the very concepts of “art” and “artwork”, and that challenges the economic system, the legal system, and the art system while actively seeking for their complicity in order to exist.
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