ISSN: 20523998
First published in 2015
3 issues per volume
Volume 2 Issue 3
Cover Date: September 2016
Swahili-tongued devils: Kenya’s heavy metal at the crossroads of identity
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Authors:  Edward Banchs 
DOI: 10.1386/mms.2.3.311_1

African Studies,African Music,Swahili language,heavy metal,Nairobi,Kenya

With an interested global audience noting the rise of rock and heavy metal throughout Africa, Internet-savvy Kenyan musicians have taken advantage of this attention by promoting their bands to audiences over the world. One aspect that separates Kenyan rock and metal musicians from their western contemporaries is the confrontation between tradition and modernity, which is a debate also being discussed in various metal communities throughout Africa. Fearful of being noted as a novelty, many acts throughout Kenya are reticent to infuse tradition into their music. As accommodating as heavy metal is to such infusions, many omit tradition out of respect for their influences, or, more so, to make a bold statement in their communities: one of rejection, and defiance of their cultural upbringing. But others feel the inclusion of musical traditions is imperative and the only way the world will ever know that African metal bands exist. Many also feel the infusion of tradition would allow for a broader interpretation of rock and metal in their own communities without ostracizing their newfound global identity as ‘rockers’, and metalheads’. From over twenty interviews conducted in the country, this article addresses these questions: Can heavy metal music be a connection to Kenyan culture for audiences both inside and outside of Africa? Is language perhaps a way into the culture of African metal musicians, and, if so, how is African language being used in Kenya’s metal communities? Furthermore, how has the cosmopolitan identity of Kenyan musicians survived the turmoil of the past and influenced their music?
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