ISSN: 2042793X
First published in 2011
2 issues per volume
Volume 6 Issue 1-2
Cover Date: September 2017
Exercises in the curatorial open form: On the example of exhibition Making Use. Life in Postartistic Times
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Authors:  Kuba Szreder 
DOI: 10.1386/aps.6.1-2.51_1

curatorial theory,curating,expanded field,usership,open form,art worlds

This article aims to discuss curatorial methodologies developed during the exhibition Making Use. Life in Postartistic Times,1 curated by Sebastian Cichocki and myself at the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw in early 2016.2 Making Use attempted to survey art in the expanded field of art, constituted by a plethora of alternative art-sustaining environments and a constellation of plausible art worlds. As I will argue, these art worlds facilitate the application of artistic competences in spaces not traditionally devoted to art. Such art worlds create their own value systems, promoting aesthetic idioms and politics of art as an alternative to the ideologies that dominate the mainstream art world, with its pretences of autonomy, commodification of artistic objects and urge to reproduce its own hierarchies. With Making Use as my example, I will argue that the tectonic shifts in the social and ideological composition of the art world, related to the emergence of alternative environments that sustain art, undermine existing curatorial methodologies and promote the development of new ones. In this context, I will refer to Making Use as an experimental process that tested the methodology of the curatorial open form, which uses techniques such as reporting, exhibition as action (verbs versus nouns) and the open archive to present practices unfolding in the expanded field of art. I will argue that the curatorial open form contributes to the development of new institutional models, responding to the general transformation of public sphere.
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