ISSN: 23979704
First published in 2010
2 issues per volume
Volume 7 Issue 2
Cover Date: December 2017
Immersive dance and virtual realities
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Authors:  Johannes Birringer 
DOI: 10.1386/vcr.7.2.103_1

metakimosphere,virtual reality,dance-theatre,headsets,disability,choreography

This article offers a reflection on the mixed reality experience and a layered approach, devised for the theatrical environment of kimosphere no. 4/Horlà, viewed as an expanded, multi-sensorial sense of playful immersion. This research on new choreographic architectures was conducted with colleagues in the DAP-Lab, developing further our investigations of dance and wearable design. I question the role of the virtual and of wearable virtual reality (VR) headsets within the metakimosphere series and the physical theatre/dance/VR installations that I have created. I also briefly discuss the critical importance and historical context of the ritual-communal aspect of immersion and participatory art.
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