ISSN: 20010818
First published in 2012
3 issues per volume
Volume 7 Issue 3
Cover Date: October 2018
Constructive journalism
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Authors:  Chrysi Dagoula 
DOI: 10.1386/ajms.7.3.569_1


Danielle Batist is a freelance journalist and editor who embraces an entrepreneurial and positive approach to journalism. She has lived and worked in several countries around the globe. In the fifteen years she has been working as a journalist, she has developed an interest in social change, which she pursued in her work as the editor of the International Network of Street Papers (INSP), reaching six million readers in over 40 countries, and which underpins her current focus on ‘Constructive Journalism’ – a project she co-founded in 2014. Drawing on a variety of behavioural and audience studies, constructive journalism can be defined as ‘as rigorous, compelling reporting that includes positive and solutionfocused elements in order to empower audiences and present a fuller picture of truth, while upholding journalism’s core functions and ethics’ – in other words, an approach that attempts to bring positive elements to conventional reporting. By using a ‘wellbeing’ model of the world instead of a ‘disease’ model, stories about what is working – rather than just what is broken – become part of the news eco-system. Last year, Danielle got involved in the re-launch of Positive News, founded in 1993 and re-launched in 2016 as a magazine. The publication showcases a new model for media ownership, as well as a new way to tell news stories. Owned by a community of 1526 journalists, readers and supporters from 33 countries, the magazine features ‘Constructive Conversation’, where thought leaders are challenged to find common ground; ‘Solutions Lab’, where forward-thinking responses to difficult social issues are unearthed; ‘What Happened Next?’ where stories reported upon previously are updated. All these aspects are highlighted in a conversation with Danielle Batist, who gives her insight on the discussed matters.
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