ISSN: 17571898
First published in 2009
2 issues per volume
Volume 10 Issue 2
Cover Date: October 2018
The impact of digital practices on the perception of risks and benefits of digital gaming
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Authors:  Daniel Aranda And  Jordi Sánchez-Navarro And  Juan-Francisco Martínez-Cerdà And  Julio Meneses 
DOI: 10.1386/cjcs.10.2.247_1

digital games,game culture,media effects,media perceptions,digital practices,video games

This study introduces a new multivariate framework around a set of digital practices such as entertainment-oriented uses, information-oriented uses, social-connection uses and e-commerce uses, and shows that these digital practices are, in fact, important predictors of the positive and negative perceptions of digital gaming. We developed two multiple regression models on a representative sample of the Spanish population. After controlling for socio-demographic factors (age, gender and level of education), our models reveal that gaming-related perceptions of benefits and risks are associated with people’s concrete personal experiences with digital games and, interestingly, to the greater or lesser development of their digital practices. We show that the perceptions of benefits with regard to video games are related to more developed digital practices. Conversely, the perceptions of risk are higher in the case of individuals who lack exposure and experiences regarding digital practices.
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