ISSN: 17503159
First published in 2007
3 issues per volume
Volume 1 Issue 1
Cover Date: January 2007
Frank Zappa and musical theatre:ugly ugly o’phan Annie and really deep, intense, thought-provoking Broadway symbolism
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Authors:  Richard J. Hand And  Paul Carr 
DOI: 10.1386/smt.1.1.41/1

Frank Zappa,music,theatre,narrative,composition

The performances of Frank Zappa were renowned for their theatricality and Zappa himself claimed that ‘Nobody has combined music and theatrics in the way I have’. Aside from Zappa’s legendary and theatrical stage performances, some of his specific compositions have a consciously dramatic narrative that can be fruitfully analysed as remarkable and thoroughly provocative examples of musical theatre. In particular, two works stand out: Joe’s Garage Acts I, II and III (1979) a bleak yet humorous satire set in a science fiction dystopia, and Thing-Fish (1984), a narrative-driven drama that explicitly explores yet subverts the Broadway musical form in its uncompromising investigation of AIDS and its social and political impact. In addition, both works demonstrate a disruptive and eviscerating satirical use of sexuality and sex.
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