ISSN: 14742748
First published in 2002
3 issues per volume
Volume 6 Issue 1
Cover Date: May 2007
The development of SARS vaccine in China – A reflection on public and private sector roles
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Authors:  Xiaobai Shen And  Yibing Duan And  Siguang Zhang 
DOI: 10.1386/ijtm.6.1.25_1

public–private partnership (PPP), SARs vaccine, China

This paper explores the growing phenomenon of public and private partnerships (PPPs) in developing public goods – through a study of a particular instance in the development of SARS vaccine in China. The case highlights the factors shaping this development: The specific nature of SARS vaccine as a public good – which differs from other medical products – as well as the social, economic and political context in China where this development takes place. Our observation points to the pivotal elements of PPP in drawing upon complementary resources for technology development – especially in a developing country like China: The complexity of motives and incentives of individual actors, the governance and organisation of the partnership, and the role of the Chinese government. The case also draws our attention to the different nature of partnership, which may have impacts on the choice of technology, the length of R&D process and long or short term effects to the society.
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