ISSN: 17527066
First published in 2008
3 issues per volume
Volume 2 Issue 1
Cover Date: November 2009
Peer learning in the music studio
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Authors:  Andrew King And  Christopher Jones 
DOI: 10.1386/jmte.2.1.55/1

peer learning, collaborative learning, recording, music

This paper sets out the findings of a pilot study for implementing a peer tutoring scheme within the recording studio. It examines peer learning in different contexts and relates this to recording studio practice. It outlines the current problems students face during out-of-hours access to the recording studios and suggests that the implementation of a peer tutoring scheme could provide a valuable support tool for staff and students. A purposive sample of twelve students (nine first-year and three third-year undergraduates), were selected after a preliminary studio test in which the data were ranked. The participants were subsequently divided into three mentoring groups, each containing three first-year students accompanied by one third-year student who acted as a peer tutor. This study identifies how peer learning may help foster collaborative learning and what issues arise for those involved. It also investigates the dynamics between a student mentor (tutor) and student peer (tutee), and provides signposts for a follow-up study.
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