ISSN: 17571936
First published in 2009
2 issues per volume
Volume 1 Issue 2
Cover Date: December 2009
Rendering Embodied Heteroglossic Spaces
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Authors:  Pauline Sameshima And  Rita L. Irwin And  Ruth Beer And  Kit Grauer And  Gu Xiong And  Barbara Bickel And  Kathryn Ricketts 
DOI: 10.1386/jaac.1.2.129/1

a/r/tography,embodied heteroglossic spaces,immigration,identity,practice-based research,arts-based research

Using Bakhtin’s notion of heteroglossia as a basis for appreciating the rich opportunities the multiple voices of researchers and participants present, we posit that embodied heteroglossic spaces enhance the collaborative a/r/ tographic research project entitled ‘The City of Richgate’. Working with visual, narrative, and performative forms of enquiry, contiguously and separately, researchers and participants become a community of inquirers engaged in embodied heteroglossic spaces that exist simultaneously and inter-corporeally within the qualities of a variety of artistic languages and the variation of these qualities as found in particular moments of time and space. Recognizing the inter-corporeal nature of our work extends Bakhtin’s notion into a multimodal (perhaps multilingual) context and offers lenses for engaging in collaborative research design and analysis.
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