ISSN: 13682679
First published in 1998
4 issues per volume
Volume 12 Issue 2&3
Cover Date: December 2009
Literary tourism, littérature monde, and the ethics of conversation in Ernest Pépin’s L’Envers du décor
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Authors:  Jeannine Murray-Román 
DOI: 10.1386/ijfs.12.2&3.289/1

Ernest Pépin,Édouard Glissant,tourism,la relation,cross-cultural conversation,littérature-monde

Advocates for jettisoning the term ‘francophonie’ in favour of littérature-monde argue that francophonie, as a word and a concept, represents the legacy of a colonial relationship that places France at the centre of the globe. One of the pernicious effects of such an organization is how the francophonie label prepares readers to approach the text as a sociological tract or an opportunity for literary tourism. This article focuses on this last problem: how can one shift the way that readers approach a text? In analyzing Ernest Pépin’s L’Envers du décor (2006), it suggests that Pépin offers one path for the transformation of tourists and by extension, of readers. Informed by Édouard Glissant’s theorization of la poétique de la Relation (1990), this reading of Pépin develops a theory of the conversation as a means of answering the question posed implicitly in the littératuremonde manifesto, transforming the relationship between readers and texts within the French literary sphere.
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