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Jiří Barta

Jiří Barta was born in Prague in 1948. He has been a successful puppet animation film-maker for over 40 years, initially training at the Department of Film and TV Graphics at the Academy of Art and Design in Prague, and working at the Jiří Trnka Studio as an artist, director and screenwriter since 1978. His first film was Riddles for a Candy (1978), but his breakthrough film was the multi award-winning The Extinct World of Gloves (1982). In 1986, he made his first feature, Pied Piper, which advanced Czech puppet animation by its use of wooden figures with limited movement. In 1993, he made a pilot for a long cherished project, The Golem, and completed a range of commercial projects before embarking on the current feature, In the Attic: Who Has a Birthday Today? (2009).

Keywords:  puppet animation, Czech animation, children, mixed media, political metaphor

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