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Franco Fabbri
Franco Fabbri is a musician and musicologist, and teaches popular music at the University of Turin, Italy. His main interests are in the fields of genre theories and music typologies, the impact of media and technology across genres and musical cultures, and the history of popular music. He has served twice as chairman of the International Association for the Study of Popular Music (IASPM). He has published on the rapport between music and technology (Elettronica e musica), on the confrontation of musical cultures in contemporary world (L’ascolto tabù) and on the intricate fabric of influences and coincidences in the history of popular music (Around the clock). His most read book (Il suono in cui viviamo, three editions) contains articles on diverse subjects including genres, analysis of popular music and aesthetics of sound. He is co-editor (with Goffredo Plastino) of the new book series Routledge Global Popular Music

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