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Edward George

Flow Motion (electronic musicians and artists Anna Piva and Edward George) produce multimedia installations and sound art performances. As Hallucinator, Piva and George record for Berlin’s experimental electronic label Chain Reaction. Flow Motion’s work has been shown at the Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art, the Pompidou Centre, Paris, the International Institute of Visual Art, the Science Museum’s Dana Centre in London, the Steirischer Herbst Arts Festival in Austria, Star City’s historic Cosmonauts Club and Sadlers Wells’ Lilian Baylis Theatre as part of Arts Catalyst Artists and Cosmonauts season.

Astro Black Morphologies/Astro Dub Morphologies (2004–2005) is the first of Flow Motion’s three-part multimedia art and science project, whose research, Sounds of Science, was commissioned by the London Arts Board in 2003. A companion text appeared online in the Leonardo/Olats journal in 2004 and was later published in the Leonardo/MIT ‘Space and the Arts’ special edition magazine in January 2006. The text can be accessed at http://www.mitpressjournals.org/doi/abs/10.1162/002409406775452258

An interview with the artists can be accessed at http://www.hansardgallery.org.
The second part of the project, Invisible (2007), was installed at the observatories at Institute of Astronomy, Cambridge University, and performed at the Bernie Grant Arts Centre, London, and the Science Museum Dana Centre.

Flow Motion’s current image, music and text project, Promised Lands (2008–2011), supported by Iniva and SCAN, can be accessed at http://www.promisedlands.info.


Keywords:  art, dub, morphology, astronomy, space

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