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Simon Grennan
Simon Grennan has been practicing internationally as an artist since 1990. As part of collaborative artists’ team Grennan & Sperandio, he is well known as a pioneer of interventionist, New Genre and relational practice, through publishing, television and social action projects. Grennan & Sperandio transform and present the narratives of friends’, relatives’ and strangers’ lives into odd and familiar objects, events and situations, de-mystify artistic processes and bring a variety of publics into the world of art. Simon has also been Director of Viewpoint Photography Gallery, Salford and Public Art Forum (now IXIA). Grennan & Sperandio are at www.kartoonkings.com. Keywords:  narratology,histoire,discours,Seth,Madden,

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28th April 2017
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11th April 2017
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5th April 2017
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