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Keti Haliori
Keti Haliori is a conceptual artist living and working in Athens. She creates interdisciplinary projects, concerning the evolution, the divine, the information, the consciousness. She has collaborated with the departments of Biology, Archaeology, Chemistry Environment, the Museum of Anthropology School of Medicine of National University of Athens and the Greek Committee of Hydrogeology. Her work also deals with humanitarian and environmental issues. During the years 2008–2010, she protested for the refugees who were victims or survivors of shipwrecks and minefields. She made public actions and installations at the entrance gates-host of Chios, Alexandroupolis, Lavrion and in major urban centres of Athens and Thessaloniki. From 2011, she activated the World Water Museum installation, an interactive project about the global lack of water. She has made six public actions, four solo exhibitions, numerous group shows and five project participants and presentation in international and Greek conferences. Keywords:  teleonomia,constant,theosis,consciousness,awareness,

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