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Anne Krefting
Anne Krefting is Professor for Theory, Faculty of Applied Sciences & Arts, German University in Cairo (GUC), Fellow Fraunhofer Service Factory Nurnberg, holds a Ph.D. in esthetic & communication from Carl-von-Ossietzky University Oldenburg.
Recent articles and papers: ‘Nasal nostalgia – Performativity in Smell Design Research’ (2012), ‘Loss of control – A Shaping Competency for Performativity in Design Research?’ (2011), ‘Smell & Narration – Objects as a Performative Structure’ (2011), ‘Are objects stupid? Dynamic Mapping as a Method of Urban Research’ (2010), ‘Cultural Science Aspects of Aroma Perception’ (2010), ‘Environmenting. Aspects of Creativity, Innovation and Organization of Uncertainty’ (2010), ‘Scaping. An Experimental Method of Sound-Image-Interaction Analysis in Urban Design Research’ (2009).
Current project: Aroma Learning (Fraunhofer-Verbund Life Sciences, Hannover). Keywords:  sensory design,user experience,performativity,design research methods,culture science,

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