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John Lwanda

John Lloyd Chipembere Lwanda is a physician, social researcher, political historian and writer. Born in 1949, he has lived and been educated in Zimbabwe, Malawi and Scotland. His Ph.D. was on the dynamics between culture, politics and medicine with reference to the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Malawi. John’s research interests include collecting, archiving and recording popular and traditional music, still photography and collecting Malawi artistic and craft objects, including fabrics.

His books include Kamuzu Banda of Malawi: Promise, Power and Legacy (Kachere, 2010); The Rhino’s Lament (Poetry, Dudu Nsomba, 2008); Music, Culture and Orature: Reading the Malawi public sphere, 1949 – 2006. (Kachere, 2008); Politics, Culture and Medicine in Malawi (Kachere, 2005); Promises, Power Politics and Poverty: Democratic Transition in Malawi, 1961-1999 (Dudu Nsomba, 1996); The second harvest (Novel, Dudu Nsomba, 1994); and Black thoughts from the Diaspora (Poetry, Dudu Nsomba, 1994). He has contributed chapters to a number of books, including: J. D. H. Downey (Ed) Encyclopedia of Social Movement media (Sage Publications, 2011); M. Beveridge, K. King, R. Palmer and R. Wedgewood (Eds) Reintegrating Education, skills and work in Africa: towards informal or knowledge economics? Towards autonomy or dependency in development? (CAS, Edinburgh University, 2005); M. Ott, M. et al. (eds) The power of the vote: Malawi’s 2004 parliamentary and presidential Elections (Kachere, 2004); E. Kalipeni, et al. (eds) HIV/AIDS in Africa: Beyond Epidemiology (Blackwell, 2004); H. Englund (ed) A democracy of chameleons: politics and culture in the new Malawi (Nordic Afrikainstitut, 2002) and S. Broughton et al (eds) World Music: the Rough Guide (Rough Guides, 2006). His papers include ‘Music Advocacy, the Media and the Malawi Political Public Sphere, 1958 – 2007’ JAMS (Journal of African Media Studies) Vol. 1 | No. 2 | December 2008; ‘The history of music in Malawi’; Society of Malawi Journal, 2008; ‘Poets, culture and orature: A reappraisal of the Malawi political public sphere, 1953-2006’ Journal of Contemporary African Studies, Volume 26, Issue 1 January 2008 , pages 71 – 101; ‘Scotland, Malawi and Medicine: Livingstone’s Legacy, I Presume? An Historical Perspective’ Scottish Medical Journal 2007, 52 (3), 36 – 44; ‘Kwacha: The Violence of Money in Malawi’s Politics, 1954–2004’, Journal of Southern African Studies, Volume 32, Number 3, September 2006 , pp. 525-544(20); ‘Culture, Orality, Music and the disease HIV/AIDS: interrogating the oral public sphere in Malawi’ Africa Quarterly Indian Journal of African Affairs, Vol. 44, 2, pp 1 – 43; ‘Mother’s songs: male appropriation of women’s music in Malawi and Southern Africa’ Journal of African Cultural Studies, 16, 2, pp 119 – 142; ‘The [in]visibility of HIV/AIDS in the Malawi public sphere, African Journal of AIDS Research 2003, 2(2): 113–126; (with Clendennen, G) ‘David Livingstone and Africa’s first cases of Sickle Cell Anaemia’ in The Journal of the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh (History supplement), Volume 33, 2003 Supplement number 12;’The brain drain: the medical case of Malawi. (2002) Zeleza, PT and Vesey, CR (Eds) African issues, XXX/1: 47 – 51. ISSN 0047-1607; and ‘Paper Tigers: the rise and fall of the independent media in Malawi, 1961 – 2001’, Society of Malawi Journal, 2002, 55, 1: 1 – 23.

Keywords:  Malawi, popular music, traditional music, photography

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