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Clarissa Ribeiro
Clarissa Ribeiro has a Ph.D. in Visual Arts from the School of Communications and Arts of the University of Sao Paulo, Brazil (2007–2011), and a Masters in Architecture from the IAU/USP, Institute of Architecture and Urbanism of the University of Sao Paulo (2003–2006). From 2009 to 2010 she was a visiting postgraduate research member of the CAiiA-Hub, Planetary Collegium, under the supervision of Professor Roy Ascott. At ECA/USP, she is a member of the Digital Poetics group, headed by Professor Gilbertto Prado. Director of the Double collective, her research interests are focused on the intersections between art, digital technologies and the sciences of complexity. Keywords:  emergent behavior, complexity and organization, digital art installations, complex adaptive systems, systemic measures, creative process

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