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Denis Jaromil Roio
Denis Roio aka Jaromil is a software developer and media artist, his creations are recommended by the Free Software Foundation and redistributed by several GNU/Linux and BSD operating systems worldwide. Jaromil has lead R&D activities in the Netherlands Media Art Institute since 2006 and has been honored with the Vilém Flusser Award in 2009, year in which he started a Ph.D. research as a candidate of the University of Plymouth (Planetary Collegium, M-Node). Keywords:  blackbox,hacking,sharing,systemic thinking,information,

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24th September 2018
Journal of Fandom Studies 6.2 is now available
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20th September 2018
Explorations in Media Ecology 17.3 is now available
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19th September 2018
International Journal of Food Design 3.2 is now available
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